God Revealed - PT 4

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God Revealed - PT 4

In Exodus 17, Joshua lead Israel in their first battle after crossing the Red Sea. As Joshua led the battle, Moses raised his arms, and rod. This is the same rod that was used in implementing the plagues in Egypt, parting the Red Sea, and drawing water out of a rock. All of Israel new this rod. For them, it symbolized the manifestation of God's power. They knew it represented God's provision, His redemption, and His power over all. So then, as Moses raised his rod, Israel triumphed in battle and when he lowered his rod they began losing in battle. 

Beloved friends, God's power needs to be above all else. We need to look to God above all else. God needs to be above our thoughts. God needs to be above our circumstances that we find ourselves in. God needs to be above everything in our lives. God needs to be a Banner Who is over you. If you lower His banner the enemy will prevail. Keep God above all else, that is how you have the victory.

Our God is Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is our Banner; He is our victory!

When you are in a battle, He is your banner. If He is not above you, you will fall. But if He is your banner you will overcome!

In our salvation in Christ, we already have the victory!

Jesus our victory lives on the inside of us. He is Who He says He is. The Lord is our Banner. His Banner over us is love (Song of Solomon 2:4). Jesus has conquered sin. Jesus has conquered sickness. Jesus has conquered death. There is nothing that Jesus our Lord has not conquered. The mystery that is revealed is Christ in us the Hope of Glory. Therefore, we can live with a victor mentality not a victim mentality. 

"For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith." (1 John 5:4)

"May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose. We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions." (Psalm 20:4-5)

"Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation." (Isaiah 12:3)

Speaker: Dave Everett

October 18, 2020

Exodus 17:8-16'>Exodus 17:8-16

Senior Pastor / President
Dave Everett

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