God Revealed - PT 1

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God Revealed - PT 1

The Names of God in the Old Testament point to Jesus. They preach and reveal Jesus to you. Everything God is, stands for and represents is found in the Name of Jesus. The 7 redemptive names of God reveal Jesus and the true nature of God.

Jesus is your Provider, "God will Provide for Himself the lamb for a burnt offering" (Gen. 22:8). Jesus is the Lord Who heals you. Jesus is your banner [victory]. Jesus is your peace. Jesus is your Shepherd. Jesus is your righteousness. Jesus is your Lord Who is present. Everything is subject to the Name of Jesus if you have faith in His Name.

God personally revealed Himself to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob and to Moses. We each need a personal revelation of God. At the burning bush, Moses wanted to know God personally. Moses wanted assurance that God was going to be his/their God too. This is a process all of us have to go through. God does not have grandchildren. We all have to a personal relationship with our Father. We can't live off of someone else's faith. Each of us need the Holy Spirit's revelation of Who God is and our position in Him.

Knowing Who God is, will also reveal who we are and what God wants us to do. Knowing Who God is, knowing who we are and what God wants us to do determines our destiny. Throughout Scripture God is revealing Jesus to you, so you can know who you are and your purpose, so you can fulfill your destiny.


Speaker: Dave Everett

September 27, 2020

Revelation 1:8-'>Revelation 1:8-

Senior Pastor / President
Dave Everett

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