Revealing the Gospel of Christ, Equipping the Saints, Liberating the World!

What We Believe


"And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to the nations..."  (Matthew 24:14)


Our Vision

Our mission is to Reveal the Gospel of Christ, Equip the Saints and Liberate the World!  We are a church that deeply values discipleship. We want to reach the world  by equipping and discipling like-minded believers and missionaries to take this Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations!

Our Missionary Journeys are generally lead by In-Motion Ministries (IMM). IMM is a gateway to the mission field providing education, training and world-wide opportunities to minister God's love. Our journeys are not so much about reaching the nations even though we will. It is about God becoming so real in you/us. That as we allow God to live, move and have His being in us and through us. He ministers in and through us out of the overflow. 


Through our Missions Ministries our goal is raise up missionaries through discipleship. Through IMM if you have a call to missions we have the resources and purposeful desire to equip you for the work of the ministry

Introducing In-Motion Ministries

Our ministry has proudly partnered with In-Motion Ministries (IMM) to assist us leading our Mission Teams around the world. IMM is a gateway to the mission field providing education, training, and worldwide opportunities to minister God’s love. IMM will help set you In-Motion to fulfill the desires and talents God has placed in you for worldwide missions.

Over the years IMM has learned a lot about short-term missions and how to do it right, with integrity and effectiveness. Missionaries, pastors and churches all over the world need short-term missionaries to help them fulfill the dreams and vision God has given them.

Their name really says what they are about:

Setting People In-Motion

To Minister.

Your journey with IMM will not be a vacation. You will have lots of fun, but you will be on a mission adventure. You will join hands with local believers and fulfill a God given mandate. You will leave knowing that you have served in such a way that you have left a mark, physically and spiritually.

Therefore, IMM will be handling the details for your Missionary Journey and will provide you with all the information that we need to help you prepare for your journey. IMM provides you with in-depth missions training, and a Certified Team Leader as your guide for the duration of your journey. Your IMM Certified Team Leader will guide your group according to a journey itinerary that has been arranged prior to your Mission Journey. IMM will focus on all the logistics and safety of your Missionary Journey so you can focus on doing what you are there to do – minister


Future Missionary Journeys

Although no immediate plans are in the works. We are currently praying about future missionary journeys to the following countries. You are more than welcome to inquire so we know who may be interested in going on a potential Missionary Journey with us.






Previous Missionary Journeys

Dominican Republic


Costa Rica



Become A Certified Missions Team Leader

Our mission here at LightHouse Discipleship Evangelism Center is to enable you to become established in your identity, equipped in His Word and empowered to fulfill your destiny. Therefore, our heart is to raise up mission team leaders who will lead local teams all over the world. We are convinced that In-Motion Ministries (IMM) offers the best Leadership Training on the planet.

IMM provides Leadership Training for those interested in leading mission teams or simply interested in becoming better leaders. IMM is blessed with an amazing team of volunteers who lead our mission teams to the world.

Currently their Certified Team Leaders come from six different states. They are highly qualified, and their training is thorough because, ultimately, they are the key to providing a successful and impactful mission for the team members.

Qualifying as a Certified Team Leader with IMM is a process. They will not abandon you! You will fell equipped and prepared before you go solo to lead a team. Attending an IMLT (In-Motion Leadership Training, every January or October) will help you understand what it is all about to be an IMM Team Leader. You will meet a number of Certified Leaders who will share their passion with you.

Jesus is the greatest leader of all time. His example teaches us to be the greatest, we become the least. We lead by serving others. Do you want to hone your leadership skills to lead like Jesus? His scriptural principles of leadership apply to all areas of life. He leads through loving us and valuing us. Understanding how much you are valued and how great your worth is to our Lord Jesus Christ makes it easier to see others through the same light. Attending an IMLT will help you understand the gifts of love, value and worth and how they apply to leadership in everyday life.


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How Can We Serve You?

Our heart is to enable you to become established, equipped and empowered in everything Christ has provided for all of us by grace, through faith. Whether it is over the phone, via texting, or by email, we are here to pray with and serve you.

Our goal is to provide a timely response, so every effort will be made to reply within 2 days.

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