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We are committed to equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12). We are committed to your spiritual growth of continuing steadfastly in the Apostles' teachings (Acts 2:42), desiring the pure milk of God's Word, that you may grow thereby (1 Pt. 2:2).

Therefore, we are offering FREE Bible Classes (no tuition) to anyone who is interested. All you have to do is show up anytime our classes are in session. We want to enable you to become...

ESTABLISHED in your Identity;
EQUIPPED in His Word ;
EMPOWERED to fulfill your Destiny!

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A FREE Bible Academy!

Eleos Bible Academy is a FREE online Bible school you can join from anywhere in the world! Eleos Bible Academy is a global community of like-minded believers who desire to know and experience the power of who they are in Christ.

Eleos Bible Academy is more than a Bible Study. Through this e-learning discipleship program, you will be enabled to become established in your identity, equipped in His Word, and empowered to fulfill your destiny!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an accredited college?

Eleos Discipleship Program (Eleos) is not a college therefore we are unaccredited. Eleos is an extension of our church: LightHouse Discipleship Center. The core of our purpose is to see people discipled and established in who they are in Christ, equipped in His Word and empowered to fulfill their destiny. Many who attend, through the discipleship process, will discover their purpose. Some will answer a call from God to prepare themselves for ministry. Others come just to develop their own personal relationship with the Lord. For some, this discipleship commitment has restored their lives and their faith. For some, it has been the beginning of a new adventure with God.

What does Eleos Discipleship Program have to offer that other Bible Schools don’t?

We cannot speak for other schools but we offer a complete study of the Word of God by what we believe are some of the best Bible teachers on the planet who will instruct you how to apply the Word to your life and ministry. We offer a safe place where you can get your questions answered by the Word of God as you develop an intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father instead of practicing mere religion. We are a school where you learn the Truth about the love of God and how to walk in the freedom of His love with yourself and others.

Since your Eleos Discipleship Program is an unaccredited college, what will I receive at the end of your Program?

Upon the successful completion of Phases I through III and upon meeting some necessary requirements, you will be eligible to apply for a Ministerial License through our local church. Then after two additional years in full-time ministry you may also become eligible to apply for ordination. Upon meeting our requirements for either certification, our licenses and ordinations are in compliance with all 50 states of our country.

How much does it cost? How much is tuition?

We offer a Tuition-Free opportunity to becoming established, equipped, and empowered in the Gospel of Christ, your purpose, and your destiny. Nonetheless, we trust the Lord will put it on your hearts to partner with us financially so that we can continue to bring this discipleship to everyone, everywhere. Freely we have received, freely we give. (Mt. 10:8)

Must I complete all the classes from your Phase I Classes, before I can take classes from your Phase II or Phase III Classes?

Yes, you can start any time, but you must complete all classes in sequence from our Phase I Classes before you can take classes from our Phase II Classes and you must complete all of our Phase II Classes before you can take our Phase III Classes.

When are your classes?

Currently we do not have time on the calendar where we meet for these classes, mainly because many of our local church attendees who have expressed the desired to attend could not make the weekly commute locally to do so. Therefore, we have made the classes available online via our website for people to take at their own convenience. However, once we have sufficient interest for those who would like to attend these classes locally and regularly, we would be more than willing to design that schedule. 

Can I transfer classes taken through your program and/or get credit towards Charis Bible College classes?

No. We are not a college. We are a church with a discipleship program that is not affiliated with Charis Bible College and therefore our classes will not be recognized by Charis Bible College or any other institute. 

What are yours mission trips like?

Partnering with In-Motion Ministries, our mission trips are typically between 7-10 days in length. Locations change from time to time based upon hosts and scheduling restrictions. Previous locations have included: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Ireland. Once we have enough interest we are willing to develop a team to go to any country of the world, including trips to Montana and Alaska.

When can I start?

You can start anytime anywhere. Just visit our Bible Classes Page and Register. Once we receive your registration we can forward you all the information to help get you started. Everything  is free.

Do I have to be a member of a local church?

We strongly encourage you to be a loyal, local member of a local church and serve. Our requirements to obtain our Ministerial License include not only completing our Eleos Discipleship Program but to serve faithfully in a local church for at least a year. We firmly believe that in order to be trusted with more you need to be faithful with a little. In order to be a leader you must learn to be a servant of all. (Luke 16:10; Mark 9:35; 10:44)


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You can partner with many Christians from all over the world who desire to be discipled in the Word of God. It is our utmost vision and desire to provide FREE, quality discipleship and Bible training to sincere Christians who desire to be discipled, all over the world. Each generous sponsorship covers the monthly cost we personally incur each month to provide Eleos Bible Academy to each student worldwide.

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Our Mission & Purpose

To reveal the Gospel of Christ, equip the saints and liberate the world! As the light of the world (Mt. 5:14), our desire and commitment (Ps. 37:4-5) is to be a beacon of light by Revealing the Gospel of Christ! In doing so our purpose is to enable people everywhere to become (Mk. 1:17)

ESTABLISHED in your Identity
EQUIPPED in His Word and
EMPOWERED to Fulfill your Destiny!

Our Core Values

"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers." (Acts 2:42)