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You Need to Hear From God

by Dave Everett on April 09, 2019

I believe God is saying: "I want you to be ready. Be ready to receive My instruction. Be ready to receive My direction. Be ready to receive  counsel from My Spirit. Remember those dreams, promises and visions? Remember when you saw yourself being used by Me? It is still on! Listen and get direction I will lead you by My Spirit. I will lead you by my Presence."

This applies to all of us. We have to get direction from Him. We need to hear His voice. In the natural we will do our best to stay out of trouble. I want to live supernaturally. I want His Spirit to be the difference in me.

People are hungry for Truth, reality and the power of God!

We are in a new season. We are not all in  the same place in life. We are not all in the same season. We are not all in the same vocation. But we all need the same things from God.

In the days to come you will need to be able to figure it out because you have not been this way before. You are going to have to hear His voice and obey His directions.

You know you need to do more. You know you need to do things differently to be more effective. But you don't know what they are. I can't tell you what they are. But God can. I can't tell you all of the detail that you need to fill in all of the blanks in your life but God can and wants to do that. He wants to speak to you and give you instruction, direction and counsel. You need to hear God for yourself.

What you need is what we all need. We need to hear God's voice.

You cannot figure out His will for your life intellectually. It comes from His Spirit into your spirit. God wants to reveal His will to you. Not just to your neighbor, your pastor, your parents and/or your spouse. Not just through your neighbor, your pastor, your parents and/or your spouse. God wants to speak to you.

At times I wish I could just tell you what to do. But that is not life. God wants to speak to every person directly. You need to be very jealous for God's will for your life. No one else is required to know God's will for your life. They don't have the same accountability for your life as you have. It is worth taking some time to hear from God and knowing what God is telling you to do.

Maybe you are in a transition and you are very uncomfortable? Everything is fine. You are where you're suppose to be. You're doing what you're suppose to do. Then you wake up one day and everything just feels wrong and yet you feel, "it wasn't wrong yesterday, why is it wrong, what's happened? Where am I? What am I suppose to do? God where are you?"

Transitions come to all of us.  I can't coach and instruct you through a transition but God can. I can't tell you what He wants you to do next. But God can. You can't figure it out and you can't just copy someone else's life and do what they did. Sure you can adopt some of their principles but God has a specific plan for you.

I believe God has a specific plan and purpose for you. You are unique. and there is a path for you to walk and you should want with all of your heart to walk that path. Even if we have wasted time and wasted years, making a mess out of your life. God can restore all of the years wasted and lost (Joel 2:25). God can make up time and put you right back in the middle of Plan A. I don't believe He ever had Plan B, He wants you to continue with Plan A in your life and He is the only One Who can get you there.

I don't want to waste my time trying things. I don't want to guess my way through life. I don't need to make a list of pros and cons and try and figure it out in my own understanding. That is no way to live your life. We are suppose to be led by the Spirit of God.

"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God." (Rom. 8:14)

God wants to speak to you and give you instruction, direction and counsel. You can persist in guessing, trying to work it out and figure it out and talk it out; worry it out. Instead just stop and ask: "God what do you want for me?" You will be amazed that He will actually answer you. Because He is not going to interrupt your life. He is not going to overrule your life if you don't want Him to be involved. But if you want His involvement He is there for you.

You need to hear from God. God will speak to you.

There is nothing more important in life than to spend time with your Father and hear His voice. You might know what direction to go but God does. You may not know what to do but God does. You must stop and take time to hear His voice and be lead of Him. So that you can do what He wants you to do and say what He wants you to say. God has a destiny for your life but you need to hear from God.

Not just for the moment. Not just in this season. God saved you, redeemed you and reconciled you to Himself so that He could have a relationship with you. God saved us for a Divine Purpose to have a personal relationship with us like Adam and Eve did in the Garden before sin entered the world so that He could be God in our lives and through our lives in this generation. 

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." (Rev. 3:20)

God desires a relationship with us. But He is not going to overrule your life. He is not going to dominate your life. He is not going to nag you through life. But He will knock. He will be there and when you respond to Him He will respond to you. He will dine and commune with you. That is what He wants.

We all know what we want. He wants to have a relationship  with you. He wants to direct your steps. He wants to speak to your heart. He wants to dine with you to commune with you. He wants to be important to you. He wants to be recognized and acknowledged by you. And He stands at the door and He knocks.

"Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know." (Jer. 33:3)

All we have to do is open the door. God has a specific unique plan and destiny for your life. You cannot figure it out intellectually,  you must hear God in your inner man.  You need to hear God for yourself. You need Him to speak to your heart. You need Him to direct your steps.

Most of us do not spend enough time with God. And one of the reasons God does not speak instantly when we come to Him is again, because He would never hear from us again. He wants to give it us in installments. He wants to give us updates as we walk with Him. He wants to give you experiences with Him that bless your life.

God could just download His will right into your spirit the day you were born-again. He could download every step along the way. But if He did that He probably would not hear from most of us again. Cause you would be so busy doing what God already showed you and God did not want life to go like that. He wanted to spend time with you. He wanted to direct you and correct you like a loving Father. He want to tell you things that would bless you.

Sometimes we don't realize God longs for our friendship and our fellowship. We are selfish and we don't take time  for Him. And if He does not respond right away we quit and think: "I must go figure this out. I don't have any more time to waste on making this decision." Can I suggest, you have the rest of your life to find and know God's will for your life. There is nothing else more important.

"Be still, and know that I am God..." (Ps. 46:10)

God is a communicator and He can and will speak. He knows how to talk to people that He created. He is speaking better than you are listening. When He speaks He will drop it in your spirit. You will know it is Him. It is called the inward witness and it works splendidly. It is better than an audible voice. It is better than a fleece. It is better than a vision. It is better than having someone else tell you what God is telling you. It is the best way. It is how we are genuinely led by that inward witness. God is a  communicator and He wants to communicate with you.  But He is waiting for you to open the lines of communication: open the door. 

I understand, you are dealing with an issue where you have to make a decision. You are mulling it over. You are concerned about it. You think about it and you get nothing.

Finally you say, "Lord what do I do."

He speaks and you ask, "Why didn't you tell me."

He says, "You didn't ask."

"But you saw me down here dealing with all of this."

"Yes but you didn't ask. You didn't stop and open the door of your heart and invite Me in."

Dear ones, God is not going to boss you around. He is a gentle God. He stands at the door and knocks. The Lord Himself is waiting for you to answer the door.

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." (Jn. 10:27)

"I am His sheep and I know His voice. He loves me and I follow Him." It is really good to say that when you are seeking instruction, direction and counsel. He is a Good Shepherd.

God is speaking. He is always speaking. We need to take time to hear His voice, hear His Spirit and do obey His instructions.

"See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven." (Heb. 12:25)

God spoke to Moses to lead 3 million people out of Egypt. In doing so it appeared that God lead these people to a dead end, a death trap. Now they were in a situation that they were trying to avoid. But God did a miracle that we are still talking about today.

Most of us would not take the paths God has for us if it were left to us. We have to follow Him. We have to hear His voice. To get to where He has called you, you have to go in the direction He wants you to go. And more likely it will not make sense. God does not always take the most direct route.

"The steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord." (Ps. 37:23) 

In our natural intelligence we think we can figure out how to do many things. But we need to hear God. He will lead us right through the Red Sea where we will see His salvation manifest. We need to stand still and see the salvation of God. We are the children of God led by the Spirit of God.

After Elijah pronounced a drought on the land, God sends Elijah to a brook where He commanded ravens to feed him. Are you willing to relocate if the Lord were to lead you to do so?

The provisions were supernatural as Elijah watched the brook dry up. Some of you are crying out to God: "What am I doing here? I am sure you told me to come here. But why did you put someone like me in a place like this to watch the brook dry up? My whole life could have been different."

God spoke to Elijah to go to the poorest widow in town for water and she gave him her last meal.  In doing so the bin of flour never dried up. Why didn't God just send Elijah straight to the widow in the first place. Why all of the drama to get to where he needed to be?

God will lead you to places you would have never gone but you will be able to talk about that happened in your life forever.

"That the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ." (1 Pt.1:7)

Your Father will speak to you. He will lead you.  Trust Him. For it is written:

"I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight. These things I will do for them, and not forsake them." (Is. 42:16)

So then, how do I get the good, acceptable and perfect will of God? (Rom. 12:1-2) It is simple. But it will cost you. Do you want help? Do you want God involved? Do you want open lines of communication with your God?

In these last days, in this season, everyone is called into action. There is no sideline. There is no complacency. I don't know about you but I want to do the will of Him Who created me, redeemed me, reconciled me, called me and sent me.

"Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass." (Psalm 37:5)

I want to commit my way to the Lord. I want to hear His voice. Jesus did nothing unless He heard from His Father. I am committed to the same level of relationship with my Father. I want everything God has called me to do and say pre-approved by Him. Everything!

A relationship is always a two-way street. He is committed to us. I want to be committed and faithful to Him. I am committed to hearing His voice. I want my relationship with my Father to be deep and intimate. I want to know the good, perfect and acceptable will of God. It is rich, full and powerful. I want to do what He wants me to do in this generation. 

Abraham did not know where he was going when he left his father's house. But he heard God's instructions and obeyed. Are you willing? Are you willing to receive instruction and direction from your God? 

No one can tell you all of the the details of your life. But God can. Dear friends, take time to be sensitive to hear the voice of your Father. You want real, here it is. How much of this do you want? How far do you want to go? We cannot get deep unless we do this.

God never gave up on you. God never changed His plan for your life. He never had a Plan B. Plan A is still in force. Make the main thing, the main thing in your life.

"...Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done." (Lk. 22:42)

"For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me." (Jn. 6:38)

I want to do the will of my Father. I am committed to hearing His voice and doing what He says. I want to see revival in this generation. Yes the days are evil. We are the church of the Living God. Today hear His voice and see the salvation of God.


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